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Joshua Tree is a Magical Place (Ryan Post @ The Integratron)

I have a booth at the Joshua Tree Farmers Market where I sell photographs and cards. 

One Saturday, Ryan Post happened to walk into my booth. He introduced himself and we began to chat. He mentioned that he was going to the Integratron that evening to give a performance on his Terapan - for a private sound bath. He then asked if I would like to attend as his guest (We had only met 15 minutes earlier). 

Of course, I said yes. 

The integratron is an acoustically perfect structure. Since your body is about 60% water, sound waves penetrate your body and actually massage you from within. It's amazing!

Ryan gave an amazing performance on his Terapan instrument. It has the sound of steel drums - in a compact form factor. 

Ryan is an amazing musician - and individual. I felt that the best way to represent Ryan on film was to go psychedelic. 

I created this tribute to Ryan over the weekend - I hope you enjoy: