Joshua Tree on FIlm

Follow our journey as we document the amazing community of Joshua Tree, California - with on-line blog posts, performances, musician interviews, video footage... and more.

“Joshua Tree on Film” Trailer

A Documentary Film Project

Joshua Tree is not a town;
There is no mayor.
There is no city hall.
There isn’t even a McDonalds…

Joshua Tree is a community;
A community of Artists, Musicians, Climbers and activists.

Follow our journey as we document the community
of Joshua Tree, California...on film
with on-line blog posts, events,
performances, video footage...and more.


Bobby Furst
”Community” Video

Assemblage artist Bobby Furst has created an amazing space for bringing the community of Joshua Tree together. His space, "Furst Wurld", showcases local artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers and community groups. (blogpost)

Kristen Gass
”Live set at FurstWorld”

Stunning set by an amazing artist - video coming soon!

Joshua Tree on Film
July 23, 2016

In July, we held our first premiere combining film and some amazing local musicians - at Furst Wurld of course! The Joshua Tree community really came out for the event - thanks for all of your support!  (blogpost)

3rd Ear Experience
”Stones of a Feather” Video

On their new album STONES OF A FEATHER, 3rd Ear Experience have taken full advantage of the musical possibilities unique to space rock. It is clear that their environment, the Mojave desert, with its wide open spaces, big skies and rugged landscapes, have helped them to blossom a modern desert music, rich in the complex overtones of 60’s psychedelic rock. (blogpost)

“Alyce in Wonderland” Video
@Timelapse Film Festival

June 10, 2017 - Dedicated to the Summer of Love (+50). Filmed in Joshua Tree National Park. 

Harrison House
”Harold Budd” Video

A quick timelapse of the October 29, 2016 performance by Harold Budd with Bradford Ellis & Jane Maru. Soundtrack - "Jane 1" - Harold Budd. Enjoy! (blogpost)

Robbi Robb
”FurstWurld Jam Session” Video

Legendary guitarist Robbi Robb calls Joshua Tree his home. While his talents are known world wide, Robbi is known to be a catalyst for local musicians, inspiring all those who he comes in contact with. (blogpost)

Son of the Velvet Rat
”Tiger Honey” Video

Check out their latest video!

Reverend Screaming Fingers
@ Landers Brew Co.

Filmed at Landers Brew Co. Enjoy!

”Bonsai” Video

Amazing video from an amazing singer-songwriter. Filmed in Joshua Tree

Rags & Bones
”These Bones” Video

Songwriter-poet Phillip Rosenberg, performing under the name Rags and Bones, has spent a lifetime sifting through the leftover parts of the world and himself to try and create an archival record.  At 69, he feels like he may be getting close. (blogpost)

Malik Kalonji
”Mother Natures Poet” Video

Experience an amazing local poet - Malik!

Eva Soltes
”Harrison House
” Video

Harrison House Music, Arts & Ecology is a residency and performance program for international artists and thinkers based in the late composer Lou Harrison’s desert retreat in Joshua Tree, California. It awards great minds with the time to create and share their very best work in a historic and inspiring setting.  (blogpost)

Pretty Pirates
w/Jesika Von Rabbit
”ArtTrap Jam” Video

It’s Friday! Is Joshua Tree! It’s Quema del Diablo! It’s Jeskia!!!! Enjoy!

Joshua Tree on Film II

May 27, 2017 

MAY 27, 2017 - Come join us as we premiere a new set of films showcasing the community of Joshua Tree... and enjoy performances by local musicians. 

Joshua Tree Music Festival
Fall 2019 Re-Cap Video

Joshua Tree Music Festival is an amazing locally created festival which focuses on music, creativity, community - and love!

Megan Hutch
”Surrender” Video

The Cincinnati born singer songwriter currently has found herself thriving in the mystical desert town of Joshua Tree, California. Cutting deep into the decades of American music,  described as Dark Folk, Ambient Americana or Soul Fusion, this seductive hillbilly jazz punk style is unique to Megan Hutch. (blogpost)

Ryan Post
”Joshua Tree” Video

Ryan is a traveler, and his arrival in Joshua Tree is no coincidence. His percussion talents are amazing. He appears with many local artists, and tours with 3rd Ear Experience. Hear some of his talents here.  (blogpost)

Frontier Cafe
Open Mic

Thursday Night is Open Mic at Frontier Cafe. With host Nigel Roman! Enjoy!

Anna Olivia Eve
”Time to Rise” Video

Just finished an amazing project with Anna! Spoken word, music and mystical images from this magickal place - Enjoy!  (blogpost)

Megan Hutch
”Alchemy” Video

Megan second EP is released! Here is the EPK for ALchemy. Enjoy! (blogpost)

Amritakripa Watts-Robb

Amazing soundscapes and visual imagery from Kripa!

Ryan Post
”Hunter in the Canyon
” Video

Ryan's music brings out the mystical side of Joshua Tree, so it seemed only fitting to combine his soundscape with visual imagery  of the Joshua Tree National Park. Enjoy! (blogpost)

Check back soon!