Joshua Tree on FIlm

Follow our journey as we document the amazing community of Joshua Tree, California - with on-line blog posts, performances, musician interviews, video footage... and more.

”Lost Wonderland”

Growing up in California, I've always been drawn to the desert... especially Joshua Tree. It's a sacred place, nestled in the High Desert. With its mysterious trees, amazing rock formations, and some would say... magic.

By some fortunate twist of fate, I now call Joshua Tree my home. But I found something else here; something rare in this world.I found a community of artists, musicians, climbers... and seekers of various mystical traditions.

The key word here is "community". 

Our Journey

We are here to capture the spirit of this community on film. You are welcome to follow me on my journey.

I hope you do.


about the filmmaker

Casey Kiernan is an award winning photographer and filmmaker living in Joshua Tree, California, where he teaches photogrpahy and filmmaking at his company “Joshua Tree Workshops”. His works have won numerous film festivals around the country - including Grand Prize at the Gila Film Festival in New Mexico. Casey also produces the Timelapse Film Festival, held annually in Joshua Tree, California.